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swing_xyz Mar 29 at 10:42am CDT

~ Rollup-to-Rollup Transfers

🔗 Hop Bridge Token and markets have enabled Rollup-to-Rollup transfers, enabling users to convert between different rollup's Canonical Tokens.

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swing_xyz Mar 28 at 03:14pm CDT

Thrilled to announce that we will be deploying on @SeiNetwork allowing Sei developers to tap into liquidity from dozens of DEXs, bridges, and chains.🤩

Sei is the first sector-specific Layer 1 blockchain, specialized for exchanges.

Read more here:

swing_xyz Mar 28 at 08:58am CDT

🤝 Externally verified bridges use a third-party validator, such as multisig, MPC, PoS validators, or oracles/relays.

⚠️ While it allows easy extension to any chain, the security level depends on the verifier set, which means security scales with the size of the set

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swing_xyz Mar 27 at 03:32pm CDT

~ Cross-Chain Roundup

📰 News:
👉 @VitalikButerin Makes 1st txn on Polygon zkEVM

👉 @CelerNetwork Launches zk-Omnichain Data Attestation Platform Brevis

🗞 Read:
👉 Extensive Report on Polygon’s zkEVM

and more 👇

🗓 Week: March 20 - 26, 2023

swing_xyz Mar 27 at 10:14am CDT


swing_xyz Mar 24 at 08:09am CDT

On March 1, the Ethereum Foundation announced the deployment of ERC-4337. This new standard will shake up web3 and has already gotten blockchain imagineers + developers excited.

So why is ERC-4337 such a big deal?

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swing_xyz Mar 23 at 12:39pm CDT

Single Chain Swap is now live!🎉

Now offer your users the ability to swap any 'x' asset for any 'y' asset on one of the supported EVM chains.

Get the best prices across multiple liquidity aggregators like Paraswap, 1inch, Dodo, and Swing.

Get started:

swing_xyz Mar 23 at 10:09am CDT

Blockchain bridges offer a solution to the siloed nature of blockchain networks, enabling connectivity and interoperability between them. This opens up numerous benefits for developers and users alike.

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swing_xyz Mar 22 at 01:14pm CDT

Our no-code comprehensive dashboard allows you and your team to:

👉Monitor transactions

👉Get live historical insights into volume

👉Understand how your app is being used

👉Access key transaction metrics in one view

Set up your project today:👨‍💻

swing_xyz Mar 22 at 10:40am CDT

With @axelarcore’s General Message Passing, developers building on one chain can call any function on any other connected chain, whether at the application or protocol layer.

This means complete composability across Web3.

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